How to Install a Kitchen Faucet host Tim Carter demonstrates how to install a kitchen faucet. Putting in your own kitchen faucet isn’t as hard as you think. This video walks you through hooking up the waterlines and a veggie sprayer.

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  2. @AsktheBuilder @AsktheBuilder There was a significant, undetected leak for a few weeks. So the minor trickle that might make its way in will be of minimal concern, but Ill tend to it just the same. Thanks again for the quick replies, and I promise…Next weekend I putty it up. PS: Once I smash down the faucet and tighten it down, will the squeezed-out plumbers putty clean up with water? I’ve not´╗┐ used it before.

  3. Just following up, that I did remove it and use putty. I also bought a telescoping basin wrench, which I should have bought´╗┐ 15 years ago. Faucet was out, puttied, and back in in all of 20 minutes. Thanks again for all the help. Justin in Indianapolis.

  4. This was very easy to follow. Will watch your videos for my many repairs! Do you have a video that shows how to install a faucet that has one handle that goes to the right for cold,´╗┐ left for hot and middle for warm? The configuration is different and I don’t have the directions. (I actually need to make a repair – not install.) Thanks!

  5. I’m not a fan of teflon tape. I use pipe thread compound that contains teflon. The teflon tape being sold at the home centers is very suspect. I’ve received many complaints about failures´╗┐ resulting from that material.

  6. hahaha,
    That’s so sweet, I wish I´╗┐ had that title in this house hold.

    I have to “chuck a tantrum,” followed closely by the “silent treatment” to get my way round here.
    That can be a lot of effort sometimes.

  7. I’ve never had a problem with it. The husband figure did, but I *told* him to use the yellow stuff for his little portable air tank, however since he couldn’t find it (in plain sight in my shop) he used the plumbing tape so of *course* his tank wouldn’t hold pressure. He did fix´╗┐ it later after I handed him the gas tape. Now it’s all good :-).

  8. You have air in the veggie spray line. Turn on faucet and immediately push button on the veggie spray to get all air from the flexible´╗┐ hose.

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