How to Install a Replacement Sump Pump

Here’s how to replace a sump pump. Installation is pretty easy. You will work with PVC, rubber couplings, and a check valve using channel locks and 6-in-1 screwdriver. I also explain some safety and efficiency principles. The video was recorded with the online capture, so it ran out at 10 minutes, but I was essentially finished. Just check your manual for any floater hight adjustments.

23 thoughts on “How to Install a Replacement Sump Pump

  1. I had little money and appreciate your taking time to make it because it made removing and installing new pump a breeze. Thanks again. Chris P.S. Just ignore JohnRLange comments

  2. Thanks man. Just what I needed to prepare to attack this thing. Thanks for mentioning the oil (I thought that might be a sign it was dead), mentioning the check valve (mine didn’t have one), the air lock hole (I would have dug around the internet for that), mentioning the rubber “Fern-co” coupling. Hope you have some good Karma come your way for helping my day.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate all the parts doing this job. My sump pump replacement was a snap after watching. It’s a simple job, but not if you’ve never actually seen one replaced. It was a big help.

  4. Thanks for this post. I think I can do this myself after watching your video. Thanks a lot. Great post. BTW…I did have electrical odor and oil slick. learned more in your short video than reading posts on internet. Thanks.

  5. Hey…your post saved me the expense of having a plumber come over. Thank you very much. You were right, my fittings were 1 1/2 inch pipe and I knew to look for the male or female connection at the pump. I drilled the 1/8 inch hole like you mentioned and it kept the pump from cycling over and over (our last sump pump would cycle constantly…and the small hole was not there). In my case I had to buy a section of PVC pipe and glue after cutting to fit. Excellent post…thanks a TON!!

  6. Thanks for the feedback! I’m on the east coast and this very pump did me proud during hurricane Irene, but my video got record-breaking traffic =/ Glad it helped you!

  7. my sump pump died this week & I was not looking forward to hiring a plumber. After seeing your video, it looks pretty easy & I plan on completing this task this weekend. Thanks!!!!

  8. Thanks for the video! Your point about drilling that little hole in the pipe corrected my “air pocket” problem. Great tip! Now my pump works perfectly.

  9. Check valve is much better to be on the horizontal line going out,this takes stress or water weight off the pump when it activates.All pump 99% now come with pre drilled vent hole,have for years now.Always use a bucket lid to put under the pump to prevent pump from sucking up rocks/debri.Are you for real please remove this video,it’s all wrong and i’d haye to have someone else follow these directions….

  10. Yes I am for real. I did my best and I never claimed to be a professional.
    The instructions for the pump I bought called for drilling a hole, so I did. My master plumber friend also advised me to drill it.
    Looking at all the sump pump videos on the right of this page, they all have vertical check valves (and many installations don’t even have a horizontal piece) but I can see what you’re saying.
    Bucket lid is a good suggestion. I did say they needed something under there.

  11. I just started getting an air pocket in my 3 year old pump ? all i have been doing is un plug and reconect the power cord and its good for a couple of days again or weeks ! if it has a pin hole maybe it blocks on me sometimes ? i’ll check that out.thanks

  12. Thanks for the video…it helped immensely, especially the part about channel locks…LOL…I should have listened…thought I could get by with a monkey wrench…NOT… only took me about an hour, once I had all the right parts and such..

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