Installing Bathroom Faucet Shut off Valves – Plumbing Tips In this video you will learn how to install a bathroom faucet shutoff valve. If you notice there isn’t a bathroom cabinet, so that we can get a nice unobstructed view of this area. This video should give you a general idea on how to install a water shout out how with a compression fitting onto a copper water pipe. Make sure that you watch some more of our helpful videos on remodeling. We’re here to make your remodeling projects a little easier.

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  1. I used an 80 grit but you could use something smaller like a 120. I think I paid about 25 dollars for my pipe cutter. If you have a lumber yard or home improvement center near you, just go down and check out there stuff.

  2. When you tigthen up the fittings it compresses against the pipe, but if you pull hard enough, you can pull them off. They are actually called compressin fittings.

  3. great makes the job easier without how long the pipes supposed to stick out from the wall?can i use same shut off valves in video with pex tubing?

  4. Hi there, thanx for putting this video up. It was informative & I liked how you shared some tips & tricks. Would have like to hear more detail about the fittings you were putting on the pipes as they were being installed. But a good overall video nonetheless. Cheers!

  5. Believe it or not, this method has been used for quite some time now. I’m guessing at least 20 years and if it didn’t create a secure connection, they wouldn’t still be using it. However, I have seen them pop off before and one time I had one continue to pop off, because I bought the wrong valve.

  6. I see so many problems with this video. 1. You cut the pipe so close to the wall, should the angle stop fail the next plumber will have a hard time fixing it. 2. You did not deburr the inside pipe after you cut it, or sand the outside. 3. no tape or putty?? 4. REALLY!! pipe wrenches?? 5. Come on, your using a gate valve.

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